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At Heartstrings Unlimited we offer services that are dedicated to enhancing the lives of children, young adults and the community. Heartstrings responds passionately to the unique needs of individuals. We believe that children and young adults should be active, productive, and contributing members in their community. To discover how Heartstrings can make a difference for you, your family, or your neighborhood we invite you to learn more about us.

Areas of Service:

  • Heartstrings provides respite care for developmentally disabled children.
  • Heartstrings prepares teens & young adults for adulthood through role-modeling and the teaching of essential life skills.
  • Heartstrings engages family members as part of the learning and growing process.
  • Heartstrings trains employees of local businesses in Customer Service skills. This seminar prepares employees for everyday customer interactions and challenging situations.
  • Heartstrings supports individual successes.
Our Mission: Heartstrings Unlimited, Inc. is committed to addressing the unique needs of children and young adults while acknowledging the common desires of the community.